Gaisbauer Technical Solutions GmbH - About us

 2017 Gaisbauer Technical Solutions GmbH

About us

Gaisbauer Technical Solutions GmbH is a privately owned company providing techincal solutions and services for customers in various areas

in the world. These services take place in industries such as:

- Exploratory project design, audit and consulting services

- Beverage

- Food

- Non-Food

- And many more...

To accomplish these tasks GTS has partners in different countries and very skilled service teams, based in Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia,

Ukraine and Uzbekistan with which we can provide a good service and, also important for you as the customer, a good price.

GTS strives and aims to develop the solution best adjusted to your individual needs. To achieve this we can choose machines from out

network of partners but are also able to choose the machine suited to your needs from whatever supplier.

Give us the possibility to prove it to you!